Rob Hall Yarra Valley Cabernet

Rob Hall Yarra Valley Cabernet

Rob Hall

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Rob Hall grew up in the Yarra Valley and spent his summer holidays working in neighbouring vineyards. Eventually, he transitioned to full-time work, starting his career at Punt Road and Yarra Ridge. Rob then spent ten years as the head winemaker at Mount Mary, gaining valuable experience. Following that, he worked for three years at Kellybrook. During this time, he also started his label and transitioned into full-time self-employment, which brings us to today. His parents planted vines on their home property in 1996, which Rob now utilises under his 'Harriets Vineyard' label. He also leases the Limbic winery in Pakenham Upper, where the winemaking takes place. He purchases fruit from various sites across the region to make up the rest of his range. 

Tasting Note 

A classic blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec coming together in this medium-bodied fresher style, designed to be released and enjoyed early. It still imparts the classic Cabernet flavour profile we all love: cedar, violets, blackcurrant, and some leafy, green notes. While approachable and ready to be enjoyed now, it still has enough structure to benefit from some time in the cellar