Di Majo Norante 'Moli' Rosso

Di Majo Norante 'Moli' Rosso

Di Majo Norante

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Molise is a very small wine region, mostly known only to locals, located between Abruzzo and Campania on the south-east coastline. Alessio Di Majo is regarded as one of the best growers within the region, making his wines an excellent entry point for us to the quaint, mountainous region. The varieties typically found here are Montepulciano, Sangiovese, and Aglianico, and for the whites, Fiano, Flanghina, and Greco. Di Majo Norante farms organically and aims to express the unique terroir of Molise through its wines. 

Tasting Note

The sun-draped vineyards ensure the wine is fruit-forward and bright, and clever winemaking and farming keep the alcohol, palette weight, and acid in check. It is made up of 80% Montepulciano, which brings lots of black plum and 'fruitiness,' and 20% Aglianico, which has more earthy, black olive flavours.