Garagiste 'Merricks' Pinot Noir

Garagiste 'Merricks' Pinot Noir


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"The 2021 Merricks Pinot Noir, like in most other years, was the last fruit to ripen and therefore the last to be picked. The whole bunch portion was a little higher than usual this year (60%)ÑFlanders recognised the fruit could handle this given the quality and concentration of the vintageÑwhich has added a savoury edge and a tannin complexity. The winemaking was, in true Garagiste form, pretty hands-off: natural fermentation, gentle extraction and 10 months in 25% new oak."

Tasting Note

"The oak, as always, takes a backseat and lets the fruit shine. This is a delicious brew of berry-fresh punch, earth and spice, bustling with delicious savoury complexity and an abundance of freshness. The savoury signature flows through the palate and drives a sinewy, pulpy and lifted mouthfeel, and thereÕs a graphite hint to the tannins, adding mineral complexity. Great length and crammed full of flavour, this is hard to fault."