Frankland Estate 'Olmo's Reward' 2021

Frankland Estate 'Olmo's Reward' 2021

Frankland Estate

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"Judi Cullum and Barrie Smith planted vines in their Isolation Ridge vineyard in 1988 with a simple goal: to leave the land in better shape than when they found it and produce some outstanding wines along the way. They have been certified organic since 2009 and continue to work with the land to create biodiversity. Their children, Elizebeth and Hunter Smith, now run production, with Brian Kent as their winemaker since 2010. The vision remains the same, putting the land first and winemaking second."

Tasting Note

"This year, Olmo's Reward is made predominantly of Cabernet Franc, which is 90% of the blend, Cabernet Sauvignon, 8%, and Malbec, 2%. The grapes are all dry-grown and organically farmed on the Isolation Ridge vineyard. The varieties are fermented separately in small open-top fermenters and then matured in oak barrels."