Spinifex Papillon

Spinifex Papillon


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"Pete SchellÕs Papillon was one of the first of the mod-Barossa wines to show that ripeness and depth of flavour neednÕt come at the expense of freshness and vineyard clarity. All these years later it remains at the very top of its gameÑif anything, it has never been in better form. This yearÕs wine was drawn from two exceptionally old vineyards, both dry-grown bush-vine sites. The Grenache (the lionÕs share at over 70% of the blend) comes off circa-1890 vines rooted in deep, coarse sandy soil. This parcel was naturally fermented with 50% whole bunches for heightened fragrance and freshness. The Cinsault, again from pre-Great-War vines (1910), grows in a red clay terroir. Each vineyard was hand harvested when just ripe to ensure natural acids, freshness and spice and, that the edgier tannins were preserved. The fruit was de-stemmed and fermented as whole berries."

Tasting Note

"Fermented with indigenous yeasts and matured on lees for 5 months, in a mixture of concrete, stainless steel and large old oak prior to blending and bottling. This would do a top southern Rh™ne producer proud. It sports a deliciously crunchy texture, cleansing acidity, savoury grip, and is somehow perfectly integrated with the wine's generous fruit giving a delicious sense of balance." - BIBENDUM