Rouleur Pinot Gris

Rouleur Pinot Gris


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"92% Pinot Gris, 6% Chardonnay and 2% Gewurztraminer. Winemaking: After hand picking, sorting and a night in the fridge, we whole bunch pressed 60% of our Gris, running juice and solids to neutral 225L barriques. The other 40% was gently destemmed to small open pots. After fermenting (on skins) for 5 days, when the desired colour, flavour and phenolics were achieved, we racked and pressed to barrel to complete primary fermentation. While the Pinot Gris was ticking away we started work on our Gewurztraminer. And with only 3 short rows of fruit available, this parcel is only a small 2% building block that contributes much more than it’s volume implies - providing subtle but exotic aromatics and lengthening the palate nicely. So all the Gewurz was handsorted at the winery and tipped as whole bunches to a single open fermenter, gassed, covered with a tarpaulin and allowed to ferment naturally. After 7 days fermentation, all bunches were tipped into the press on top of a small parcel of Chardonnay and pressed together with the juice running to barrel, fermenting to dryness. All the skins and whole bunch fermented wine (40%) ticked through MLF naturally, whilst remaining barrels were sulfured post primary ferment for maturation."

Tasting Note

"Vibrant and light orange tinged from skin contact, our Gris blend displays orange blossom, musk and mandarin with hints of Turkish Delight too. There’s tight fleshed pear, over squeezed citrus and baked apple spice, maybe that’s the Gewurz popping up and saying “hi, I’m here too” Maybe… Picked early, this isn’t a rich, powerful Gris - deliberately a more elegant style. But there’s a wonderful rolling texture providing weight and mouthfeel along with mineral acid and subtle grip keeping the wine upright to the finish." - Winemakers note