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background: "is there a cuter name for a vineyard in australia? managed by the quealy team, the tussie mussie vineyard was planted on the site of a former rose farm in 2007 (hence the name--tussie mussie is an old term for a flower bouquet). in merricks north, the vineyard's 3.5 acres of pinot gris and pinot noir is rooted in the peninsula's most prized soil: deep red volcanic clays. north-facing at 120 to 150 metres altitude, the site is well-protected and warm. quealy notes all these attributes, along with the youthful vine stock, result in an exuberantly fruity style of gris. the fruit was hand-picked and whole-bunch pressed over six hours at low pressure (alsatian-style) to capture only the grapes' most delicate phenolics. only the free-run was used, with the lion's share fermenting in stainless steel and 20% going to french oak for structure and complexity. for extra texture, the wines were lees-stirred until november, when it was blended and bottled." - bibendum tasting note: "pinot gris like pinot noir are so distinguished by their site. tussie mussie vineyard, formerly a flower farm, grows in the choccy red, iron rich soil of merricks north. it’s a generous wine with a luscious stone fruit palate; honey, heavy bottomed pears, creamy classic pinot gris. the mud brick homestead and original rambling house gardens are sensitively maintained as a boutique retreat." - quealy

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