Quealy Musk Creek Pinot Noir

Quealy Musk Creek Pinot Noir


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"Musk Creek Vineyard is a marginal sight to ripen Pinot Noir. In most years the vines can ripen the sugar of the fruit but only because of the low yield and huge interference with the canopy. The vines are trained to two arched canes of 12 buds. The final 2 buds shoot hard and usually provide in total 4 bunches of loose grapes. These bottom shoots are trained down so that all of the sun rays are captured in the vineyard. The vineyard is farmed sustainable rather than organically. Really, itÕs a decision we made to spread our risks in poor years whilst we build our expertise and confidence in the more complex organic techniques."

Tasting Note

"Musk Creek VineyardÕs high elevation and rich earth extend ripening to autumnÕs end. This powerful Pinot Noir exhibits intensely spicy and fruit driven perfume. The palate revels in this brilliant 2021 vintage with a mind blowing generosity and a ripe lingering tannin tail."