Spinifex Clairette

Spinifex Clairette


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"The fruit source is an elevated, 20 year old southern Barossa vineyard. Soils are limestone based. The vineyard is relatively late maturing, being amongst the last whites to be harvested. All fruit is hand harvested, cooled overnight prior to being crushed but not destemmed Ð macerations are typically around 4-8 hours before pressing. The must is fermented with indigenous yeasts, malolactic is avoided, and the young wine remains on full lees for 6-8 months prior to racking. Bottled without filtration."

Tasting Note

"striking a harmonious balance between impressive weight, silky texture and fresh acidity. The maceration has provided an assertive grip, beautifully counterbalanced by concentrated flavour and a vibrant finish." - Bibendum