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"The name was inspired by the wild paper daisies that grow across Australia without intervention. Known for their delightful displays, they are low maintenance and don’t take much to shine, be colourful and elicit joy. These everlasting daisies, native to Australia, flourish when they are together in large groups. Just as you thrive when you’re amongst like-minded people. Combined with the rustic and versatile fibre that is twill. The modest and wholesome daisy is symbolic of where earthy meets effortless joy. We noticed a strong correlation with our wines. Needing very little intervention, like the paper daisies that don’t need forced germination or pre-treatment because nature does a wonderful job by itself. This natural approach is what Twill & Daisy adopt to bring you fresh wines for experiences you’ll cherish."

Tasting Note

The berries characters follow through to the palate, which is medium bodied, with savoury and subtle earthy flavours, and fine-grained tannins. This fun and crunchy Graciano Tempranillo blend will leave red berry fruit bursts in the mouth, along with jubie lolly characters and spice.