Hoddles Creek Pinot Gris

Hoddles Creek Pinot Gris

Hoddles Creek

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So for 90% of the blend we: Hand pick into bins. As soon as itÕs picked we foot stomp the bins to release the juice so it can be in contact with the skins. No sulphur is added. We then chill the bins down to 12 degrees and wait for fermentation to begin.Near the completion of ferment, we press straight into old white barriques to finish fermentation. 5% of the blend: Hand pick then immediately destem but donÕt crush into 3 tonne fermenters. We then let it soak for 24 hours at 12 degrees. Fermentation will kick off naturally. Normally we press this after 7 days on skins or until itÕs dry. So essentially we are treating this like a red wine.

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